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UTD Comet Life – The Expansion of the UT Dallas Discord

Eric Aaberg 0

We now live in a world where social media is literally all around us. Whether that be media in the form of advertisements on billboards to one of your university’s student organizations on your Instagram feed, to even a dedicated Discord Server for your campus life events – we live in a time where we are SO very connected to everyone, even when we’re not right next to them or in the same city!

I launched the @UTDCometLife program (formally named @utdallas2022 – to welcome and connect incoming freshman to the University of Texas at Dallas via social media) with one goal: Creating a platform where all students at UT Dallas can connect together and find everything they need to see all events happening on campus and in student life. I am a very extroverted person, so I love engaging with numerous organizations (such as the Esports Team, Phi Delta Theta, UTD Dining, and much more). One of my favorite ways I love to engage is through social media – duh! Anyways, as of today, we have a total of over 550+ Students in our Discord Server, and we’re growing faster than ever.

Sharing Events to Hundreds of UTD Students Instantly!

As of today, we’re launching the ability for UT Dallas Student Organization/Club Representatives to share their events directly in the UTD Discord Server. With the ability of orgs and clubs being able to share their info to hundreds of UTD students instantly, that’s a huge milestone and opportunity for both the organization to advertise their events and for students to engage and be involved more in campus life.

What exactly is Discord and why did you make one for your university?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Discord is a modern text/voice communications app, which allows online users (UTD Students in our case) to talk and text from their phones, tablets, laptops, and computers! I created a Discord to help connect with tons of other Comets on the best communication app. So far, the UT Dallas Discord has some channels like #campus-announcements for important updates from the university itself (like reminders when class registration ends or if school is canceled), #introductions for students being able to introduce themselves to everyone else in the Discord (such as “Hey I’m Eric and I am a business admin and freshman at UTD!”), and also #student-events, where students can see the latest events happening on campus AND now where student organization and club reps can post directly into!

With this expansion, I envision the Discord and overall Comet Life program to grow exponentially this upcoming spring semester. I, with the help of a few other active students at UT Dallas, will be working to help make this platform a great experience for all students attending the University of Texas at Dallas and be able to watch our social media pages for the latest activities in campus life. This last fall was a great start to the program with UTDCometLife establishing and launching our pages/discord and connecting a great portion of the new freshman, however, now that we’re targeting all students we have hope it will be a good source for all students at UTD.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped so far with this program and I honestly cannot wait for the semester to come!

That’s all for this post! If you’re interested be sure to come join us in the University of Texas at Dallas Discord at Questions or want to share this news? Let me know by shooting me an email at [email protected]! I’m all ears. 🙂